The iObserve research project cooperates with other researchers, interest groups and software projects.

  • DiagnoseIT is a project to provide expert-guided, automatic analysis of performance problems in enterprise applications.
  • DFG Priority Programme 1593 comprises a set of research projects including iObserve. The focus of the SPP are long living software systems, their evolution and adaptation.
  • Kieker Monitoring Framework provides the monitoring infrastructure we use in iObserve. We also contribute to Kieker in the area of model-driven instrumentation and runtime analysis.
  • ExplorViz is a sister project of iObserve mainly focusing on visualization and human interaction for operators and developers.
  • Palladio Simulator is a well known performance prediction suite for software systems at design time. We use the core Palladio Component Model and some analyses of Palladio at runtime to provide an abstract model of the running system and forecast its performance.
  • SPEC Research Group comprises of different researchers and projects which address the integration of development and operations.